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= Withers News =
12/7/2002- Had an alright day to day can't say much for the shit weather. Made some fucken huge bomb and set it off at a reserve that was cool.

2/9/2002- Had a big weekend had to work on fathers day. Missed out on a family breakfast. Friday night was big went this big party in upper swan. Had the most chiks i have ever seen at one place.
= Whats New=
A scratch in my car from scraping a pole while trying to park it.
= Captions for pictures =
They need to put up more of the signs.

= This Weeks Mission =
Convince your parents to change religions.
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= News Of The Week=
A 13 yr old kid was sentenced to 20 years jail for stabbing a young girl in the heart with a pen (source http://www.shortnews.com )

= Beer Of The Week =
This weeks beer of the week goes to my personal favourite Australian beer, Crown Lager. All round fine beer 5/5.

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